What can you expect from Tiny Feedback Bar in the future? We’ve got a long list of features that we’re going to encorporate in the next few versions. We’re not going to share all of them yet but we’ll update this page from time to time to give you an idea of what’s to come:

Stable release

Tiny Feedback Bar has been developed with care and extensively tested. We’ve installed Tiny Feedback Bar in every environment that we have access to and tested it with over 50 themes. Still: we realize that doesn’t mean it will operate as expected in every WordPress installation world-wide. So, our first aim is to prove that Tiny Feedback Bar is as  steady and reliable as a 40-year old Land Rover. Do you have issues with your Tiny Feedback Bar? Visit the FAQ-site and the forum.

New Feature: In-page editing

In the first versions Tiny Feedback Bar will open a new page if you want to edit an item. Currently, we’re working hard to make it possible for you to edit an item in the frontend itself. More about that soon.

New Feature: Statistics

Who has added the most To Do’s / Tasks or New Feature Requests? Who was able to solve the most items? How much time goes by before an average item is solved? All this information will be displayed in future versions in powerful statistics.

New Feature: Personal settings

You might want Tiny Feedback Bar the right-click menu to be available all the time. Your colleague – a coder – might want that menu to appear only when he is in editing-mode.  So, in one of the first releases we will be bringing you the possibility to save your personal settings. In short: Tiny Feedback Bar will adapt to your needs and preferences.

New Feature: Translations

We expect most users of Tiny Feedback Bar to be developers. They tend to be able to read and write in English but still: it would be pretty sweet to have Tiny Feedback Bar in your own language. So, one of the things at the top of our list is to enable localization of the code. We are currently looking for people who want to help translating. If your interested: fill in your e-mail address on this page.

Mod: temporary disable of right-click menu

When you activate Tiny Feedback Bar today, it will block the regular right-click menu. That can be inconvenient for developers wanting to know how much padding a certain element has, etc, etc. In one of the nearest versions we will be bringing you the possibility to temporarily disable the right-click menu giving you your familiar right-click menus back beneath your mouse!

New Feature: Stand alone

WordPress is popular, we all know that. But we cannot ignore the fact that there are still developer out there building sites with different techniques. We will be producing an equal version of Tiny Feedback Bar that can be used stand alone. Interested? Subscribe to our newsletter: we’ll inform you first! Fill in your e-mail address in the bottom of the page.

That’s it? NO WAY!

We’ve got a lot of cool and exciting new features planned. We’re just not going to tell you about all of them. At least, not yet! Subscribe to our newsletter and get the latest developments in your inbox. We promise not to spam of share your e-mail address.