Behind The Bar

Tiny Feedback Bar is a personal project of me: Bas Kierkels. I started a web development studio in 2001 and have been working on web projects with huge fun all the way to today.

It was about 8 of 9 years ago that I noticed that I had difficulty with some projects keeping track or at least losing a lot of time finding the right information between all e-mails, phone calls and notes written down in meeting. And all over the last couple of weeks during that project.

All I had was an idea: wouln’t it be awesome if you would have one single dashboard that has every bit of information about the project you’re working on right now?

Delta Developer
That was the beginning of Delta Developer, a web application that my company has been selling in the last couple of  years to a number of Dutch web design studios. Today also known as Gekko Works.

Great but not complete
With Delta Developer work became much easier and with every update it improved even further. But still: the designer or developer had to write down all to do’s by hand. So no complete solution yet.

The idea
That’s when I came up with the idea for the Tiny Feedback Bar. Customers will always choose the easiest way for them: in many cases that would be writing an e-mail.

Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could just point and click and say: “Hey, THIS is what is want changed”? Of course it would be! No more reading of instructions, opening browser, finding the url AND finding out exactly what the customer meant.

To be able to point and click, create popups and process information would recuire a substantial framework and scripting. Back then, those just didn’t excist. Besides: we were overwhelmed with work for Gekko Works.

Birth of Tiny Feedback Bar
May 2013, I became father for the first time. Sitting at home for a couple of days, I noticed that I felt sorry we were never able to produce and enjoy Tiny Feedback Bar. So, I began planning work for The Bar.

Two months later: Tiny Feedback Bar was submitted at the 5th of July 2013. At 4.00 AM of course :-).

What I want to give you
Why did I publish Tiny Feedback Bar? Simple: I want my fellow web-technies to enjoy the benefits of having Tasks, Bugs and New Feature Requests all in one place and reduce the number of e-mail at the same time.

Help me help you
If you like The Bar please support the project by telling your friends about it. Mention Tiny Feedback Bar where you can: Twitter, Facebook or write a cool piece on your blog. I appreciate ALL your efforts!

I really hope you will enjoy Tiny Feedback Bar. Do you have tips or features you wish to encorporate into The Bar? Feel free to let me know!

But for now: start using Tiny Feedback Bar and enjoy!

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