About The Bar

What does Tiny Feedback Bar do for you?

Tiny Feedback Bar keeps track of all Task’s, Bug’s and New Feature Request. Tiny Feedback Bar can tell you who made one of these items, when, on which page and what has happened to the item since.

Tiny Feedback Bar is visible when you are logged into WordPress. Just right-click anywhere in the site to create a new To Do, Task or New Feature Request. Tiny Feedback Bar will place a marker at the location where you just right-clicked so the item is clearly visible.

Forget e-mail

Until today you’ve probably received several to tens of e-mails about projects a day. Staying on top of a project is a hassle and no fun at all.

Tiny Feedback Bar will keep track of all Tasks, Bugs and New Feature Requests, for all projects, all sites and all your clients!

And: it’s free! 😉

It’s much easier for your customer as well: all they have to do is right-click, fill in two fields and click submit. They also enjoy the power of having relevant and up-to-date information when they need it.

How to create a Task, Bug or New Feature Request?

The first method is to right-click anywhere in the website. Tiny Feedback Bar will mark the position and display all information about that item in a handy vtip.

The other way is to click the Bar itself. You can fill in the fields in the pop-up and click submit.

The pop-up holds more information about a specific item.

Download now

Tiny Feedback Bar is free and available in the WordPress repository so install now: wordpress.org/tiny-feedback-bar

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